The Ageless and Universal Language


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What a simple and wonderful idea!

Young students in Brazil would like to learn English, and elderly Americans in retirement homes are looking for conversation and companionship.  Organizations in the two countries have found a way to bring them together.

FCB Brasil and the CNA language school network are launching a project that connects Brazilian students with American elders using video chat technology that allows them to talk face-to-face.  The project builds more than language skills.  As inter-generational relationships develop, both sides are enriched by friendship, understanding and cultural exchange.

Watch the video to witness this remarkable and touching story.  I hope that the pilot project expands to benefit many others on a global scale.


Embracing Twitter

This week, as an experiment, I’ve embraced the bird.  I’ve joined the flock and tweeted a few times a day – random thoughts, helpful hints and interesting articles.  I’m following 84 people I admire, causes I care about, companies I do business with and I have a grand total of 18 followers at last count.

There’s no doubt that Twitter promotes interactive communication and is a great way to quickly share thoughts, interact with others, find jobs and reach customers.  But blogging it isn’t.  It has a frenetic, hyperactive and addictive feel.

How do you feel about this technology?  Are you a fan or a Twitterphobe?