Beyond Ramen: Students Abroad Seeking Inspiration!


You’re far from home, renting a room and dealing with limited resources and unfamiliar ingredients.  It’s the middle of winter and the schedule is busy but you’ve got to eat and stay healthy.  You can’t eat out every day but don’t want to eat leftovers all week.  What’s a student to do?

Here’s the challenge!  Find a few recipes that are:

  • quick and fairly easy – prep shortcuts welcome
  • nutritious, including several food groups and some variety
  • inexpensive, with limited ingredients and waste
  • made with readily-available ingredients (anywhere in the world)
  • vegetarian or fish
  • made on the stove (no oven available)

I’ve been cooking for the multitudes since I was 15 and have a walk-in pantry and more than enough gear – so cooking for one on a hotplate is a distant memory.  Daughter and I are both doing some research, but I know that all of you are a great resource!  Please comment with your best tips.


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  1. eharris29
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 15:41:13

    For students like myself, leftovers can be key!


  2. veggiewhatnow
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 16:09:31

    Find the reduced for quick sale area of the supermarket. Try to find an indoor equivalent of a farmers market, if it exists in the area. Or, buy only in-season veggies. Buy other items generic whenever possible.

    Plenty of dishes I’ve seen on WordPress can be made with a hotplate. Be sure to get a drying rack and good cleaning supplies. Think about a plastic tablecloth for the desk, which can then double as counterspace.


  3. qiquan
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 20:55:31

    (I) Banana and Cheese
    1. put some butter on the bread,
    2. pour some sugar to cover it,
    3. cut slices of banana and cover them on the bread,
    4. cover the top of the banana with a piece of cheese,
    5. Put in oven of 180oC and for 10 mins.

    (II) Corn and Cheese
    1. prepare a slice of bread,
    2. pan fry an egg, and cover the bread with the egg,
    3. put the corn on top of the egg,
    4. cover with cheese as in (I).
    5. 10 mins over.

    (III) Hard Boiled egg with cheese
    Alternatively, can use slices of hard boiled egg with cheese.

    p.s. I still have not written anything recently.


    • puravida
      Jan 21, 2013 @ 08:12:11

      You can do a lot with a few simple ingredients!
      And Qiquan, you have been through a lot lately and are still dealing with the loss. Sometimes it feels like the tide goes out and leaves you empty, but the words will come back. You have a gift.


      • qiquan
        Jan 21, 2013 @ 08:52:42

        I like whatever I do, and I like cooking very much as well, and I do make it into an art sometime, and a philosophy as well =). Oh dear, I really need to write soon.

        I am having many ideas how to spend the time with my family, my friends, my colleagues, and to arrange for so many trips. My mom saved my soul, so I am not in lost anymore. I am just getting too energetic lately, to be with friends who are leaving soon, to meet friends that are not seen many years, and arrange to visit a friend’s mom who recovers from the chemotherapy. I also arrange a mountain hiking trip for my friends.

        I hope to come back to write soon, when the noise in my mind subside =).


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